Traditional Craft Preservation
Ethical production
Natural fibres only
Weaving threads of traditions

Committed to transparency, Thaamsz supports ethically-made garments, preserving traditional Indian textile crafts with natural fibers. Each garment tells a story, connecting wearers with artisans and fostering a sustainable, culturally rich fashion experience.

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Embracing India's Craftsmanship

Thamar, the founder of Thaamsz, blends her passion for photography, global exploration, and textiles into a singular pursuit. With a commitment to transparency, she crafts ethically-made garments, weaving her passion for Indian craftsmanship and culture into each design.

Exploring Ancient Indian Crafts

At Thaamsz, skilled artisans from India weave traditional craftsmanship into each garment, telling stories of heritage and community through their creations.

block printing

Block printing, a centuries-old technique, intricately carves designs onto wooden blocks. These blocks are then dipped in natural dyes and pressed onto fabric, creating exquisite, repeated patterns, preserving tradition in textile artistry.


Weaving on the loom is a traditional method of creating fabric by crossing threads over and under each other. Threads are stretched vertically (warp) and then woven horizontally (weft) through them & It creates the most beautiful, unique fabrics

“Heavy on the statement, light on the ears.”