Block print top


  • Made from high-quality cotton
  • Traditional hand block printed using natural and environmentally friendly methods
  • Reversible; wearable on both sides

Brand: Thaamsz

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This is a traditional top featuring a block printed design called Kuttaar, originating from the Balotra tribes in Rajasthan, India. The forked motif holds various meanings across India, ranging from Lord Shiva’s trident to symbolizing a garden rake.

Free size,  as you can adjust the top with the straps around your body.

Front length: 29 cm
Width (all around) : 73 cm
Straps at back: 60 cm
Straps neck: 55 cm

This top pays homage to the rich traditions of Rajasthan, India, with its unique block print design called Kuttaar, originating from the Balotra tribes. The forked motif carries various symbolic meanings, from Lord Shiva's trident to symbolizing a garden rake. With adjustable straps and a reversible design, this top offers not only versatility in size and style but also a sustainable choice with its high-quality cotton fabrication and traditional, eco-friendly hand block printing techniques.

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Committed to transparency, Thaamsz supports ethically-made garments, preserving traditional Indian textile crafts with natural fibers. Each garment tells a story, connecting wearers with artisans and fostering a sustainable, culturally rich fashion experience.

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