Kala blouse


  • Ethically made by local artisans in rural India
  • Crafted from organic, handwoven Kala Cotton
  • Can be worn in multiple ways

Brand: Thaamsz

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The versatile Kala Blouse is handwoven from organic Kala Cotton, offering multiple styling options with its unique design. By wearing this top, you support fair trade practices and artisanal craftsmanship.

Crafted from organic, handwoven Kala Cotton:

Kala Cotton is a type of cotton that's native to India, especially the Gujarat region. It's valued for its ability to grow in dry areas without needing irrigation or synthetic fertilizers. Because of this, it's naturally organic and sustainable, making it a great eco-friendly choice for fabric production.

Free size Measurements:
Front: 57cm
Straps: 90cm
Sleeves: 64cm

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Committed to transparency, Thaamsz supports ethically-made garments, preserving traditional Indian textile crafts with natural fibers. Each garment tells a story, connecting wearers with artisans and fostering a sustainable, culturally rich fashion experience.

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Kala blouse

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