Latin American heritage
Hand-embroidery mastery
Empowering artisans
Latin American craftsmanship

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Moyocoyo, where sustainable fashion and Latin American craftsmanship converge in a celebration of color and culture. Each piece tells a story, woven with ethically sourced materials from local artisans. 

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Bridging Cultures Through Handmade Artistry

Tamara’s journey with Moyocoyo began with her deep admiration for the rich cultures and exquisite crafts of Latin America. It all started one day at a market in Mexico City, where she found herself captivated by the breathtaking beauty and vibrant colors of the intricate embroidery on display. That spark inspired her to collaborate with the indigenous artisans of Peru and honor their craft by founding Moyocoyo.

``Moyocoyo comes from the word Moyocoyotzin, which originates from the Aztec language and means “She who creates herself”
Stitching Traditions & Empowering Women

The “Vilma Shirts” feature handmade embroideries by the women-led association “El arte de bordar en El Colca” in Yanque, Arequipa. With around twenty members, they promote women’s participation in family incomes, led by Vilma Mamani Paxi. Their work preserves the embroidery tradition of the Colca Valley, showcasing local flora and fauna, as well as concepts such as the circular perception of time, seen in motifs like spirals, that symbolize the circle of life.

Experience the essence of Latin American craftsmanship that is woven into every Moyocoyo piece.