Vilma Shirt


  • 100% organic regenerative cotton (GOTS + ROC)
  • Locally sourced fabric and trims from Peru
  • Hand-embroidered by “El arte de bordar en el Colca”
  • Crafted in Lima, Peru

Brand: Moyocoyo

Latin-American craftsmanship

Delivered within 2 to 5 business days


Introducing the Vilma Blouse – a true celebration of craftsmanship, love, and women empowerment! This beautiful piece is fairly made from the softest undyed regenerative organic cotton, carefully woven in a satin weave for a subtle shine –  showcasing the creativity of our talented artisans.

The embroideries on the VILMA SHIRTS are handmade by a women-led association named "El arte de bordar en El Colca" located in Yanque, Arequipa.

With their work they want to pass on the practice of embroidery.  This beautiful figures and spiral shapes have meanings and translations that come from the ancient incas and represent the local flora and fauna of the environment.

Regenerative organic cotton is a holistic approach to farming that works in harmony with nature. The cotton is hand picked, which reduces the environmental impact and improves the quality of the product.

The regenerative method restores and nurtures ecosystems by creating an environment that encourages biodiversity and fosters growth. It uses no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, so it's better for the environment than conventional farming practices.


Customer Service:


  • Packages are shipped within 1 – 4 working days after placing an order.
  • Circumstances may affect actual delivery times. No compensation is provided for exceeding estimated delivery times.


  • Consumers have a 14-day window to cancel their order without providing reasons, starting from the day after receiving the product.
  • During this period, consumers must handle the product and packaging with care, only unpacking or using it to the extent necessary for assessment. Returned products should include all accessories and be in their original condition and packaging.
  • Consumers must notify Moyocoyo of their decision to withdraw within 14 days of receiving the product, via email. The product must be returned within 14 days thereafter, and proof of shipment should be retained.
  • Failure to notify Moyocoyo of the decision to withdraw within the specified time frame results in the purchase being finalized.
  • Consumers are responsible for the costs of returning the product.
  • Moyocoyo refunds the amount paid by the consumer within 14 days of receiving the return, using the same payment method.

Moyocoyo seamlessly blends Latin American craftsmanship with vibrant cultural heritage. Committed to ethically sourced materials and collaboration with local artisans in tranquil communities, Moyocoyo creates exquisite pieces like the VILMA BLOUSE. Each garment tells a unique story, contributing not only to ethical fashion but also to the preservation of cultural legacy.

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