Artisan-made in Colombia
Women-led communities
Bold & lightweight designs
Artisanal earrings from Colombia

Explore the colorful magic of Colombian heritage. “TOAIE” translates “to decorate,” embodying the dedication to crafting exquisite earrings. Colombian artisans meticulously handcraft each earring, infusing culture and wisdom into every piece.

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Crafting dreams in Colombia

Lara, the founder of TOAIE, blends her background in fashion with a dream that unfolded while traveling through Colombia. There, she crossed paths with talented artisan families crafting authentic earrings, setting the foundation for her brand.

Meet the makers

Get to know the superstars behind TOAIE’s statement earrings. Discover the gifts of craftsmanship, creativity, and wisdom they share from their colorful worlds to yours.

TOAIE - Meet the maker - Colombian earrings
Atelier Inga Awaska

Luz Maria, an Inga tribe member, creates “The Wanderer” earrings, inspired by nature’s beauty. Leading 30 women, she infuses each piece with love, blending ancient wisdom and passion for craftsmanship.

Atelier Bella Flor

Ady leads the women’s community “Atelier Bella Flor” where designs like “the Voyager,” “the Vagabond,” “the Nomad,” and “the Pioneer are created. Rich indigenous Colombian culture with a modern twist.

“Heavy on the statement, light on the ears.”