Soft & luxurious bedding
Premium natural textiles
Committed to sustainability
Sensationally soft, durable & luxurious bedding

Coco & Cici offers the finest, most sustainable, and top-quality bed linen out there. As a high-end label with a mission, their goal is to create sensationally soft, durable, and ultimately luxurious bedding that ensures a blissful night’s sleep. They don’t just enhance your sleep; they also provide a significant upgrade to your bedroom with their Austrian premium natural fabrics.

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A sustainable
dream come true

Cathelijne (37) and Marije (42) crossed paths almost 20 years ago during their college days. Their shared passion for quality sleep and exceptional bedding sparked the beginning of their adventure as sleep experts. Together, they founded Coco & Cici to create the finest, most sustainable, top-quality bed linen out there.

Wrapped in comfort

Coco & Cici partnered with Lenzing, an Austrian sustainable fabrics company, to discover the ideal material: Tencel. Responsibly cultivated in sustainable forests, Tencel is free from harmful substances, offering a soft, luxurious weave that provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

``Love at first touch``